Back-End Developer

Diane Delallée

Lausanne (Switzerland)

About me


Degree and Training

Master at UMLV : Imaging Sciences
Hackerspace member
Listener in different conferences (TechDay, Meetup, ...)

Web Master

Development of several websites
HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, MySQL, PHP


Python : Machine Learning, solving complex problems
C# : API, stream, Unit Test
C++ : OpenGL, addon for nodeJs
Agile : scrum

For Noise Festival

Volunteer and responsable for 5 years in
Pully For Noise Festival




Music promotion platform

Spring-mass system

Flag and collisions with objects
see the code


shadder, multiple lights
see the code

City mapping

Modelization of a city. Moving houses thanks to a captor
see the video

Vinyl and money

Pude data
drawing lines, setting objects to produce various sounds


node addon to stop the execution of a V8 instance without killing the current loop


Agile : Scrum and Kanban
Lausanne : 03/30/2016



Tornado Web, Scikit-Learn, Numpy, Celery


NewtonSoft, MongoDB


OpenSceneGraph, Boost, OpenGL



Little madness

Other technologies

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Work Experience

  • Nov. 2014 / Dec. 2015 - NP6 (Back-End developer)
    Machine learning project to supply the users with the predictive scores (hourly desire, churn of service, of products).
  • Apr. 2013 / Sep. 2013 - Vectuel (internship)
    Optimization of texture organization for city representation at big scale. Solving several bugs
  • Sep. 2012 / Feb. 2013 - UPMLV (Practical work supervisor in C langage)
    Managing about 20 first year University students (Maths and Computer Science Bachelor).
  • May 2012 - Sep. 2102 - UPMLV (internship)
    Research internship at LIGM with Claire David and Nicolas Bedon.
    Topic : "Algorithme de Glushkov et automates en série parallèle"
  • May 2011 / July 2011 - VALSOL (internship)
    Creation of a website and intranet in order to promote the municipality community of VALSOL.

0033.  | 0041.78.694.66.28
rue du simplon 12, 1006 Lausanne